Wednesday, 29 April 2009

PB Barbel to add to Adam's specimen list

When Adam sent me his pike photo below he included this super photo of his PB barbel of 13lb 8oz from earlier in the season. I thought you would all love to see this stunning specimen. Again well done mate!

Adam's New PB Pike

Last week i received an excited message from Adam Caulfield...........and it was a new PB for the Pike fanatic. What a stunning fish weighing over 24lb! Adam has had a good year with a number of big fish but this highlight must have been extra special. He explained the big Pike even tail-walked to add to his pleasure. Well done mate. Keep em' coming!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Time to catch a few carp before ireland...........

I have to admit i do like carp and many other species. Yes i am totally obsessed with Pike but it's nice to catch other things too. This one is a bit too big for a live bait though................chuckle.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Jon get's another 20!

Region 31 organiser Jon neafcy has added another super looking 20 to his tally with this nocturnal predator. Caught on a Cumbrian lake which doesn't produce many 20's this is Jon's 2nd fish over the magical mark. Well done mate!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Season continues with a convoy of boats full of lures!

As you know i usually have my carp and tench gear out now but after that fun session on lures last week i had to have another go. This time 5 of us headed to this super fun lake in convoy with 3 boats loaded with lures. The fishing had slowed since last week but we all still enjoyed a great day with plenty of banter coming from everyone on the boats. Looking forward to Ireland and lots more Pike and more of the same banter. Above is a selection of yesterday's fish caught from 'The Fury'...........

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A days fishing and a day at school........

I class myself as a competent Pike angler and manage to catch my share of decent fish each season but we are always learning in this game of fishing. Yesterday i was treated to a lure fishing masterclasss with one of the country's top lure anglers; Wes ballentyne. Wes took me to a large stillwater yesterday and we managed to extract 30+ Pike from the water on lures and a few also falling to baits. Mostly hard fighting jacks but a number of doubles to 14lb 8oz which i landed on Wes's lure rod which he passed me to wind in out of the way as he dealt with a run on his bait rod. We found the bait fish not long after getting the boat out onto the lake and followed them around all day; tracking the roach the way the pike were obviously tracking them. We were also being tracked by one of the country's top pike anglers who appeared to follow us all day. Getting closer each time we hit into a fish. As well as the 30+ fish we landed we also enjoyed the excitement and sometimes frustration of approximately 50 follows from curious pike. To me that was almost as exciting as the fish we caught. We watched a lot of big fish follow which is always frustrating; but to see these pike come to the boat in clear water was absolutely magical. Pictured above is a selection of fish we caught.

Wes runs a guiding service called 'Fat Pike Guiding' and can be booked to fish almost any water you wish and any method. I advise anyone to book a day with him on lures because it is a real education. Wes can be reached on 07927 445367.