Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Classic!

A classic clip of Adam taking a breather..............

May 2009 Part 4.............

Just can't wait to go back there on Sunday.............Bring it on!

May Part 3...........and there's more!

More images of stunning Esox caught on a magical trip. I have to give a special mention to Chester Predator Group Regional Organisor Steve Lewis for yet another super trip; He organises everything, books our accomadation which is 5 star, the ferries and has vast local knowledge of the area which he has gained over many years on these waters and un-selfishly he goes out of his way to make sure everyone catches fish and enjoys great food and has a marvellous time. On behalf of everyone involved in the Chester predator Group I would like to express the gratitude for the efforts and passionate attitutude Steve has demonstrated. He is responsible and can take credit for alot of my big fish over recent seasons. The joy he gets from seeing someone smiling ear to ear holding a big lump of a pike is a rare thing in specimen angling which is littered with glory hunting egotists.

A little message to some in our region who dismissed his suggestions and input a while ago............... Big loss and Chester predators gain!

More May Photos.......

May photos part 2.............some absolute beauties. Wes Ballentyne, Ian Porter, Steve 'Gulper' Lewis our RO, Adam Caulfield and myself put together one hell of a series of big pike...Part 3 to follow.

Piking is a very sociable pastime!

After a tough day afloat catching hard fighting Irish Pike it is time to raise a glass or two or 7. Above are a selection of photos of 'Gulper's Gang' of very merry Pikers enjoying the local hospitality.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

No wheels on my wagon

Last weekend after months of threatening i finally got round to taking out a couple of pals Justin and Nigel from my local pub for a day piking onboard the Fury, also along for the ride and a bit of rod bending action we were joined by Justins seven year old son and top rod Harry. After an hour and a half of are we nearly ther yet from a very excited Harry we arrived at a large Welsh lake the boat was soon in the water and i decided that we would start by slow trolling a couple of replicants over an area that i have caught a lot of smaller fish from in the past. After only about twenty yards one of the rods bent over as a lively Jack hit and almost instantly threw the lure. One hundred yards on we had another strike on the same rod and Harry was into his fisrt pike, a beautifully marked fish of around 4lb. We crossed the lake to a favoured hot spot a and changed tactics to bait was in order, within the next hour my three guests shared five more fish to 5-6lb mark. With everone having caught something it was time to move up the lake, i explained to the boys that where we were heading the runs would not be quite as frequent but there was more chance of a bigger fish. After about forty five minutes one of the floats slipped under the surface and Harry bent into an hard fighting double figure fish, after several strong runs Harry brought the fish to the boat, quickly chinned and onto the scales the fish almost as big as Harry himself pulled the neddle round to 13lb, a quick snap with proud dad Justin holding the business end and back into the lake she went. Two more smaller fish and a sligthly one sidedly shared multi-pack of wagon wheels later it was time to go home, an enjoyable day had by all.