Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mutiny on the mini Fury!

Womble and his pesky camera captured my mutiny from my own boat. I jumped ship whilst womble trotted some live baits in a deep hole and i had a few casts with a lure from a cruiser called the Morning Mist. i hope the owner doesn't mind....oops! and my reward was a little jack!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This guy deserves a mention on the chester predator blog. The quality of his artwork and finish on his lures is unbelievable. You can find him on facebook or checkout his ebayshop.

Chester preds afloat!

Gulper with a superb marked Esox!

Me and Paul afloat in the rain.

Womble with a nice double!

Me and Paul aboard the mini Fury

Gulper with a nice double

A river 20 as fat as a pig

22lb 13oz river monster

Picturesque scene

At home!

Womble after a tough nightshift taking a nap!

Buzzz, Eric and the Dreadnought!

Jim 'The Bus' with his first river pike..

Sunrise! Iconic shot of the suspension bridge.
Paul 'The Gwyniad' with a super double.
A well as some great bank fishing The Chester preds have enjoyed some great fishing afloat again this year. A personal highlight was a town centre 20 that was caught just yards away from a place first fished for pike as a kid. Here are a selection of shots from the season............

Another Super Season comes to an end!

Close but no cigar!

Gulpers 1st Dee 20 and the 3rd in 3 days for Chester Preds

23lb 8oz Nice!

Pretty dub!

Heavy lady!

Typical fat river double

Super river lady!

The Gwyniad strikes again!
Nicely marked double!
Job Done!
The 1st of the 3 20's in 3 days for the lads!
When the river season comes to an end it coincides with the end of my Pike fishing season. It always comes too quickly and i always want one more session, one more cast, one more fish! The big girls spawned early this season due to the mild weather which was expected so the season was cut short by a couple of weeks. But here are some photos and memories of some of the bank fishing and some lovely fish from the Chester Pred hunters................

Buzzing on the river with Pike and a bonus!

I always love fishing with Darren 'Buzz' Conroy and this River day delivered us both a nice double and a bonus in the form of a 2lb 3oz Grayling(my 5th 2lb+ fish in a month)