Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Scream! with Joy.............

Scream with joy!
After a 7 blank days on the trot i screamed with joy when this double took my wobbled dace at the end of a day where womble and myself fished 3 rivers in 5 locations trying to end my run of frustration. We found the mask on the bank and i put it on for the photo and regretted it; the mouldy smell was disgusting and i nearly vomited. Suffering for one's art lol

The skipper's Curse

The amount of big fish Gulper has guided me onto, it seems only fair i begin to repay the favour. Steve and i know only too well the skipper's curse when you take people out on your boat that the fish usually come to the guest and so it proved on saturday out on a northwest river. 3 nice fish to 17 for steve. But it was a pleasurable days fishing apart from the rowing fraternity and the fact that the 3 fish came in minutes of the start of the day and then not a touch for the next 8-9 hours

Fun with the Dreadnought on the river

Top rod Tanya

Eric and the Darrens

Eric and Tanya preparing the Dreadnought

Eric striking with style

19.08 close but no cigar

Perfection in miniature

Tanya and a lively jack

Tanya also a great skipper!

and another fish for Tanya the fish magnet!

Nice little double 11lb
Last friday was a fun day on the river with my pal Buzz and his his lovely lady Tanya. Joining us for the day was Darren Birch from the angling trust who is a piking novice who we hope to convert to predator fishing and one of my piking heroes and all-round top guy Eric Edwards. Tanya proved top rod for the day with 3 lovely fish with a total weight of 24lb+. I managed a little jack of a pound early on but saved face with a 19.08 late on. Eric and the Darrens also managed a couple of fish on lures and there was a number of lost fish between both boats. So all in all a fun day. Plenty of friendly banter and the highlight was Buzz explaining his theories of pike fishing to Eric who found himself agreeing with every word of Darren's theories until they both realised his remarks were repeats verbatum of one of Eric's own PAC talks. Wet myself laughing!