Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gulper Leads and we follow!

After the initial ridicule of Gulper's flotation suit came the realization that in this weather it is the best idea he has had in a long while.
Womble has added a dashing flotation jacket to his wardrobe and i have invested in this season's fashionable favourite; the Masterline xtc one piece creation with the added cosyness of a fladen one-piece thermal suit as i am a big nesh girl!
Fladen one-piece thermal. Cosy!

Masterline xtc flotation suit in Pike friendly green!

Womble modelling the sundridge flotation jacket. Suits you sir!
Thanks to and their valiant couriers who braved the torrents to get me my suit in time for friday's trip west. Quality gear and bargain prices.........and superb service; thanks Peter!
With mine and Womble's track record for falling in the drink these suits look a good investment......chuckle!

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