Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Season only weeks away!

With new season just weeks away no doubt most of you are already making preparations; New braid on your reels? New lures bought? and of course new traces made up meticulously.
I probably have enough lures for 2 lifetimes but there's always something new out there that catches your eye. I have purchased a number of Savage Real Eels recently; these wriggly beauties have plenty of action and are an alternative to Dawgs and from what i hear they are accounting for a lot of fish being caught in recent seasons.
As you can see from these photos i have bought a selection of big grubs from AGM Products(top tip from Noddy). These grubs can be fished on their own with a weighted jig-head or made into a lure with a solid head like i have done. 
I have experimented with recycling some old Fox lures to create my own Hybrids. I have called the bullet headed one 'The Foxy Grub' and the other 2 with diving lips i have honoured my fellow 'Lure Whore' Neil Whitehead aka 'Noddy' by naming them 'The Grubby Noddy'........very apt i feel! There's no Seddon Lure yet Neil! lol.........
These grubs are great value and its fun to experiment and catching a Pike on a homemade lure is extra special. So give it a try!

12 inch Shad un-rigged

Selection of the new rubber

'The Grubby Noddy' in black & silver

New Eels & Replicants

'The Grubby Noddy' in Purple

The 12 inch shad rigged. a grub with jig-head& stinger and the 'The Foxy Grub'

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