Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A lot of so-called waterproof clothing for angling is resistent but hardly waterproof. In recent weeks many of you will have experienced a degree of dampness due to your jackets and suits not keeping the rain out. Much of my purchases over the years have started off reasonably rainproof but after a while they lose their resistence and start letting in the wet. Thanks to my good friend Jen Whelan who is a technical rep for Montane; a specialist UK based high quality outdoor clothing company i have found a solution to your dampness ;-)
Jen has introduced me to products from NIKWAX which will solve the problem. In the photograph are 2 products: 1st is the "wash" that cleans and conditions the fabric of your garment and 2nd is the "wash in" that coats every little fibre with wax protection but still enables it to breathe. So if you have expensive Goretex clothing this is ideal.
NIKWAX products can be found in all good outdoor sports retailers and more information can be found at
www.nikwax.com website.

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