Monday, 15 September 2008

Bridgewater Canal

Canal Pike fishing can be overlooked by many Pikers and they will be missing out on some fantastic sport. The Northwest has a myriad of waterways that once served British industry as their transport highways in the days before motorways and HGV vehicles. Canal pike are a hard fighting species and well worth the effort. The jewel in the Northwest crown for me is the Bridgewater canal that traverses through Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire and all along the lengths of this magnificent old canal Pike lurk. Lots of hard-fighting doubles but 20's and even 30's can be caught if you get lucky. Gulper has fished the 'Bridgey' man and boy and lives only a stone's throw from the water and knows it better than anyone i know. Pre-baiting improves your chances as i have learned from Steve and fishing along the ledges near and far banks. Fish are usually caught within a few feet of the bank on or just off the shelf where the pike patrol searching for their prey. Fishing at first light and the last thing at night seems to produce the best results. Warrington Anglers control a huge amount of Bridgewater Canal fishing and it is worth the membership fee of £36 just for this superb canal fishing. Pictured above are some examples of the stamp of Predator you are likely to catch.

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