Friday, 12 September 2008

Now that's a proper Kipper!

As i mentioned in my short article with the photos of Sturgeon i had hoped to contact 'The Gulp-Meister' Steve lewis for a copy of one of his Canadian beasts for the site and he duly obliged with a copy of this whopper pictured above. You know you have caught a decent kipper when it takes two big lads to hold it for the photo-shoot!

Steve has enjoyed a number of trips to Canada fishing for a range of species including our beloved Pike or Northerns as they are commonly referred to on that side of the Atlantic as well as carp and sturgeon. He recently attended a wedding over there and although i didn't expect him to be wetting a line on this trip you can't keep a bloke like him away from water for too long and he managed to tempt one of the notoriously shy cousins of Pike; The Muskie to a lure after alot of frustrating follows.

Anyone interested in fishing over there would be well advised to speak to the amiable Steve for advice and information. That goes for Spain and Ireland too; the fella gets about as you will see on this blog and catches fish everywhere and his better half Dawn, the blog's glamour girl has an infuriating habit of teaching the men how to fish.........Steve don't let her humiliate us anymore!

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