Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Mad dogs and Englishmen might go out in the midday sun. The sanity of Anglers who venture out in conditions as we experienced on Tuesday across the nation must also be questioned. Womble came to pick me up at 5.30am and as he arrived in Saughall the Hailstones were descending and thunder and lightening announced his arrival. Sensibly after a discussion in my kitchen we decided against our original destination in the hills of North Wales. The alternative venue we chose still presented us with rain, sleet, more hailstones, oh and some sunshine. Such a climate change can often be fatal for Pike fishing and all morning went by watching the weather extremes from beneath brolly and shelter. It came almost as a surprise when at 1pm i got a run and landed a nice jack of 8lb which turned out to be my biggest fish of the day. No sooner had i re-cast this rod it went again and a fish of 6lb came to the net. in the next half hour i added another 3 smaller jacks; 2 falling to the same lamprey i had caught the 1st 2 fish on and a tiny fish which took a lure which was as big as the pike. Then nothing for the next 3 hours until the right hand rod went again and another nice jack (pictured above) about 7lb screemed off. I called on Womble to take a foto to remember the day and whilst he was there i was telling him about a jack i had caught earlier which had 1 bulbous eye (also pictured above) like one of those Black fantail goldfish, when i got another run and yes! you guessed it i re-captured the fish to be known now as Marty after the great comedy actor Marty Feldman. Womble worked very hard with no reward and lost a number of his favourite lures to boot. No justice some days Piking!

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David Edwards said...

Mike... interesting date... I fished the following day and in a stolen two hors from work landed a fish on my 7th cast on the fly.... I'm going fishing this Friday... what do you reckon to venue??? I have one... email me if a Cestrian lady beckons!!