Sunday, 26 October 2008

Martin's first Pike

My old mate Martin Watling has shared alot of good fishing with me for all species except my beloved Pike. I had promised to take him to correct this recently and this week i took him to a very obliging venue in mid-wales which has served as a training ground for many of my mates over the years. The venue delivered and within minutes of arrival Martin was no longer a piking virgin. He landed a super little jack about 7lb and added 2 more fish of 6lb and 4lb during our stay. I managed 3 fish on baits and one on a lure. All small pike but feisty little beasts that tail-walked and really impressed martin. He is hooked. Now to get him a big lump!


Anonymous said...

Nice Goin Martin !!

Many Congrats on your first Esox encounters. The First of Many,
I am Sure !!

Keep Your Guide on a short lead.
He has a habit of catchin all the Big Ones !!

Tight Lines !!


Mike Ashcroft said...

Top tip Stu! I am imparting alot of good advice including always wear sensible pants. chuckle!