Monday, 16 February 2009

My turn to Cook.....OOPS!

Saturday trip out on Gulper's boat 'Unleash the Fury' was it's usual day of fun and although the Pike weren't really in the mood we all managed a fish a piece with Gulper landing the best fish; a perfect looking double and Womble and myself landing Jacks (photos above). The fishing was a little disappointing but not half as disappointing as the food this week. The Fury's catering is famous and today it was my turn to supply the ingredients for Chef Gulper to perform his culinery magic. Sadly i brought with me the supplies but the frying pan and utensils were still in my kitchen. In my defence I never expected Steve to tidy up the boat and remeove his stuff from the boat. There's was a discussion that ensued on board as to who was to blame. I think i lost...... Also there is an excellent photo of Gulper improvising a bacon sandwich with the use of a little gas heater and a couple of Pike spoons which held the bacon over the front of the heater. He also ate a pot noodle with the use of Pike Forceps.........Interesting! I survived by eating most of Womble's sausage rolls and Jammie Doughnuts.

Another fun day!

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