Sunday, 8 February 2009

All aboard 'The Fury' in the snow.....again.

As you might have noticed the country turned white this week . The weather for the past two months has been somewhat interesting and testing for all and especially anglers. But a little bit of white precipitation on the ground doesn't put off Gulper wanting to take his boat out and go piking. Womble arrived at my house at 5.30am. Not sure whether it is coincidence but 'Womble' and boat fishing tends to guarantee arctic conditions. Un-deterred by the snow which i was a little concerned by, Gulper arrived on time and we loaded his monster truck and off we went up into the hills. Having experienced trips to Scotland with Steve in the past where snow, ice and very testing terrain never seems to worry him i wasn't unduly concerned but as we drove into deepest Cymru the roads began looking treachorous and the snow kept falling. We past one car that had left the road and parked in the trees which was a little worrying but we carried on. Arriving at the lake we noticed we had company; three totally insane blokes had spent the night in a small tent on the side of the lake and after we launched the boat we were entertained by their efforts to get their car up a small icy, snow covered incline back to the main road. It took them a good half hour and alot of digging and skidding and clutch smoking.

Steve and i expected some early action after other trips but it didn't happen. But at 10am after trolling up and down popular spots the right hand rod went and 'Womble' was into a nice double pictured above. Gulper lost a jack that came all the way to the boat and then escaped but shortly after landed either the same jack or one of its cousins(also pictured above).

Midday we anchored up for lunch and the skipper and boat chef made one of his famous 'triple decker' breakfast sandwiches(photo above with me looking like an over-sized gnome) which i could eat every day of my life. We did some more trollling and anchored up on a couple of spots and late on i had a run on a very large livebait and probably hit it a little early and lost the fish. I was gutted but it had been a great day in beautiful scenery in the snow.

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