Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Adam 'Bulldogger' Caulfield

This months featured Piker is my mate Adam 'Bulldogger' Caulfield i met through region 31 of the PAC. Adam is a rising star in the Pike angling world and his dedication and enthusiasm to the sport will surely see him become a household name in angling in the near future. This winter he has put in more shifts on Windermere than Gord Burton and he has travelled far and wide in pursuit of fresh piking challenges. Not only is the lad a great young piker but he is a top bloke too. Adam and his Piking buddies Banjo and Neil are some of the funniest guys you could ever wish to fish with.

Adam has landed 4 20 pounders and over 60 doubles this season. An impressive tally any piker would be happy with and this is only Adam's 6th season fishing and 4th season piking seriously.

Pictured above are a selection of photos from recent weeks with some big pike to over 20lb. There is also a picture of his little sister holding her 1st fish; a perch caught on a spinner. You might have some competition there in a few years Adam!
Anyway well done Adam for a fantastic season. Keep them coming..............

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