Thursday, 5 March 2009

Running out of time.............

As the River season draws to a close i am reflecting on another great season and don't want it to end. Today i went for an afternoon session with a few old maggots and a float rod and of course my trusty Pike rods. Unusually I couldn't buy a bite on the stick float but on my neighbouring peg Pete was hammering the Roach on the stick. He had a netful of some of the finest Roach i have seen caught this season. I put my best grovelling face on and had to beg for a couple of baits. At the time of asking Pete had just slipped the net under another fish close to the pound mark and immediately told me that was not getting fed to a pike. He lifted his net and handed me two lovely baits abouts 4oz. Which straight away were cast in attached to two size 6 Owner trebles. It wasn't long before i got a run and Pete duly weighed and photographed a super double of 16lb 6oz shortly followed by another perfect river pike that fought like a 20 but weighed just 15lb 10oz. Pete is claiming half the credit for the fish caught on his Roach and said i owe him £1 per photograph for his services. lol..........I then had the run of the season when a Cormorant ran off with my livebait and made my heart stop. I never managed to land the ebony feathered fish-thief but i had quite a fight with it before it let go. Grrrrrr!

No more runs for the rest of the day but a great short session and 2 lovely Pike.


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to see you land one of those beauties but was still an interesting hour or so and really enjoyed your company. Thanks again for the offer of a piking trip with you later in the year. I am already looing forward to it! Good luck with the job hunting and tight lines for future escapades!


Mike Ashcroft said...

Nice to meet you too Wayne. Great hat on your profile. lol