Sunday, 18 July 2010

Low 20's in the high 30's

Due to the very wet winter in Spain the lake had risen over 100ft from last years lowest level almost doubling the surface area, this along with a very successful spawning of bleak resulted in the pike being both well spread out and well feed. The fishing was tough going this year but dispite this my brother Jeff made up for being the only person not to bag a 20 on a Chesterpreds trip last year by not only smashing his pb with a fish of 22lb, he also took two other specimens over the 20lb mark, a great achivement for his first week of self guided fishing. Also pictured above are new pb's for my dad Geoff at 21lb 12oz and for Dawn at 23lb 6oz, Myself and Paula managed fish to 18lb and Paula even plucked up the courage to hold one herself for a photo.

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Chester Predators said...

Some great fish Steve! Dawn's fish looks enormous. They all look in superb condition too. Great markings and photographs never do them justice.