Monday, 2 August 2010

Whiskers wiv da Womble

After a failed attempt at whiskers wiv Stu the previous week in that torrential rain that fell on that dark Tuesday we weren't to be put off and returned to the River Severn once more for the thrill of the mighty Whisker; They don't half hang on in the words of Matt Hayes. This time after failing at our first venue; Stu decided on a midnight change of location. Scrambling across fields in the moonlight and with the feint illumination of Stu's torch i managed to find a hole in a field which nearly snapped my ankle. Prob the same hole his mum broke hers in last season. Anyway the burning pain and subsequent days of agony still were worth it after the 2 little splashers i managed to net; well actually not net because the net was still in Stu's shed. He had to clamber down the bank and into the mud and water and net the whiskers with his bare hands. A super job he did as well although he nearly lost/destroyed another camera in the process. How many cameras this angler has destroyed i have forgotten. But the fella knows where the barbel live that is for sure. It has been a while since i have felt the power of a barbel; and although these little chaps weren't the doubles i dream of they still gave a good account of themselves. I was being guided and using Stu's tried ,tested, proven method and also with his tackle. His barbel rods are actually salmon worm/shrimp rods and are awesome. Beautifully balanced, with the perfect synergy of strength and give which make playing powerful fish both a pleasure and instilling confidence. There was an early disappointment when i lost a decent chub but i went home a happy angler.................

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