Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Annual Chester Predators fishing trip west!

Tiny jack swallows Dawg

Nice view from the boat

Captain Neil

Mad frenchman in a float tube lure fishing

Described as a slipway but it was just the bank of the lake

A jack from a small lake

A welcome jack after 3 blanks

Long lean Jack

Pretty Jack

small dub with nice markings

One of many jacks

My only decent lump' 16lb'er

Hard fighting double

Another nice double

fish in perfect condition

chunky little double

Searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

An emotional catch

Gulper's thumb after treble damage

Cottage fireplace

Waiting for dinner
A week away in the worst weather i have experienced in all my life. The weather didn't help but we still managed a collective total of 50+ fish up to 18lb. As usual we enjoyed a few beers and some excellent food courtesy of Chef Gulper. Here are a selection of Photos from Neil's boat. More to follow from Gulper's Fury.

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