Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More Pics from trip West!

Nice comfy platform instead of the rocking boat lol

Hidden in the reeds

Just a selection of mine and Neil's rods. Enough??? Never!

Gulper with a lovely marked fish

That flotation suit is very distracting lol

ffs Put that camera down Stu and fetch the net!

Pub Pike


Me and Neil cruising up the run on the bow-mount

Daily dash across that scary Lough

The gulpmeister is a handsome lad!

Sunrise on the lough; This is why we go fishing!

My Birthday T-shirt from womble. Class!

Bait nom nom!

Great smile and fish!
Some more photos from Chester Preds annual Pike holiday. Photos coutesy of the intrepid angler and wildlife photographer Womble.

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