Sunday, 7 December 2008

Blithfield does a record bit of old iron

In response to my feature on some of the disgarded waste caught by Chester Pred. members on the Bridgey I received an interesting e-mail from my old mate 'Noddy' Neil from Region 88. Neil and Buzz were out last weekend on Blithfield and the lads managed a huge specimen (pictured above) which looks like the remains of a lobster pot. Didn't know there were any lobsters in Blithfield. Those Region 88 lads have really set a challenge for the Chester boys with this huge specimen which could be a Blithfield Record for the species. In very testing conditions with temperatures below zero. Neil reported problems with icy rings. Well, an icy ring is one of the hazards of boat fishing in sub-zero temperatures i guess. These lads have excelled themselves though and must be very proud of their achievment. Congratulations!.....

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