Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pike Feed in the dark

I see so many anglers packing up when the sun goes down. It is at this time my heart starts beating a little faster. I have had so many fish over the years after dark and even in the middle of the night and they tend to be the bigger girls(fotos above are two 20's that were 2 of 4 20's that came in 2 hours after dark). Stu McMorrin and myself have been fishing a number of Lancashire Lodges recently; waters that see quite alot of pressure. As an experiment we have been placing baits in the margins overnight ensuring they are visible which isn't a problem as these waters are crystal clear. The baits have all been disappearing. Some will have been retrieved by water rodents no doubt but we are confident that Pike have learned that there are free offerings to be collected after a days fishing, when anglers disgard un-used deadbaits. On pressured waters I am sure Pike have worked it out that these nocturnal freebies come without hooks and are readily available most days on many waters. For many years I have also noticed that Pike also gather around the activity of matchmen and not only do they get attracted to the silvers being retrieved but also await the emptying of keepnets when the odd casualty of their net incarceration will be only too gratefully excepted as a nice supper for the wiser Pike. As a youth on the Dee i used to wander the match lengths talking to match anglers asking if any of them had been troubled by Pike and i also observed who was catching and from where. I use to wait until the weigh-in had finished and dived straight in with a juicy free live-bait which i had usually acquired from the very matchman who had been resident in the peg.

Succesful Pike fishermen are adept at working out not only where the pike live in various seasons but also about feeding patterns. Study your waters carefully. Some guys are scientific about recording data and they swear it pays off for them. I take mental notes each and everytime i go out and every day is a 'Day at School'.....

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Sound and Factual Advice as always Mike !!!!!