Saturday, 31 January 2009

Gulper finds another great water..........

Steve 'Gulper' Lewis came up trumps again today with a new still water. Not the biggest water but a water crammed full of lovely pike food such as bream and roach. Getting the boat in was a bit tricky but we managed it. Pictured above are a selection of photos of some quality fish we took today which included 3 upper doubles and another 20 for me aboard Steve's boat. Every time I get on that boat I get lucky. Credit must go to Steve's boating skill and presentation of the baits rather than my angling skill. No petrol engines allowed on this small lake but Steve has got the best electric set up i have seen with a bow-mounted electric trolling motor he specially imported from the States.

The day couldn't have got off to a more explosive start when we got the boat into the water i baited one of my rods and one of Steve's and just dropped them over the side whilst Steve organised the boat's floor space. Literally 90 seconds after i dropped my bait over the side Steve shouted to me 'You're in'. He had seen the bung bounce in that unmistakable way that signifies a pike attack. Before i could even turn around I heard the reel screaming off and after a short but explosive fight Steve put the net under my 7th 20 of the season. The next 3 hours were frenetic and then it went dead. Some waters fish midday and some first and last light. This place went crazy early morning and then died. We tried different baits and presentations from late morning until the close of play but not one run came of it. I was surprised but It was still a phenominal days fishing. Can't wait to go back. All the fish were really fat. Their bellies looked ready to burst.

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