Friday, 3 May 2013

It ain't just about catching fish!

Some of my friends who are none anglers often question my sanity as i venture out fishing especially during the winter months in sub-zero temperatures, setting off at ungodly hours in the middle of the night.
I love catching fish. I relish the challenge to outwit and capture large wild fish especially the water wolf that can often be a moody mistress. We never stop learning as anglers and we will go to the grave still trying to unravel the mysteries of what lies below the surface of our rivers and lakes. In the past i have been guilty of the naievity of thinking i had certain waters worked out, only for the following winter to be made a fool of. This is part of what keeps us going out season after season.
But what the none angler maybe doesn't appreciate is that it isn't all about the fish..............
Those of you reading this no doubt understand the spiritual gratification of just being close to and even part of nature. I am not a strictly religious man but my church is in the wilderness and the majesty of nature fills me with awe and soothes my soul. Sunrise and sunset and the symphonies of birdsong get me everytime. I will never tire of it........This is a huge part of why i am an angler!
Here are some images that capture what inspires me and they speak louder than words...........
Glacial beauty

River sunrise

Private pool  mid wales

South West France

Masons back in the day!

Large flash

Windy with no wind

Big flash

River sunrise taken by Stu Maddocks.

another great image captured by Stu

Midlands trout water

Midlands trout water

Glacial water North

Glacial lake North


Sunrise on Irish Loughs take your breath away

Stunning water in Cymru

Glacial lake not far

Looks like the sea but is a little lake west of here

South West stillwater

South west stillwater

My temporary home at a Private pool in mid-wales

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