Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Noddy bags another Dawg caught fish!

With the season drawing to a close for me now i still couldn't resist one more trip afloat on a big stillwater with fishing comrade Neil. Last time we visited this large lake the sun was shining and there wasn't a breath of wind. Today was quite the opposite. It started breazy and got worse to the point we called it a day early.
It was the right call as conditions were deteriorating all the time. We battled hard in trying conditions but presenting our trolled baits on electric power was almost impossible and we quickly used up nearly 2 batteries worth of power and casting lures in 2 foot swells was not fun. Neil did manage to hook into a nice long lean fish approx 11lb when there was a lull in the wind. I always enjoy a day out with Neil swapping stories! Squaddies always have great stories and taxi drivers have a few as well. Looking forward now to some tench fishing, summer Zed fishing, Barbel and Chub and who know's what else?
Sunglasses for disguise coz the sun never made an appearence :-)


Anonymous said...

I just didn't want the reflection in my eyes giving the swim away... Its all about stealth ;)

Anonymous said...

The glasses where there just so the reflection in my eyes didn't give the swim away... ;) Stealth is the name of the game..