Wednesday, 1 May 2013

56 Pike in the boat today!

After last week's memorable day catching 31 Pike in a day Steve 'Gulper' Lewis didn't need much persuading to join forces and go back for another bash at this stillwater and WOW! what a day we had!
Conditions were very bright and for the most part of the day the lake was like a preverbial millpond. Not ideal piking conditions and certainly different from the previous week. The Pike fed close to the surface early morning just as they had done the previous week but as soon as the sun got up the bright conditions put the Pike down and baits and lures had to be fished as close to the bottom as we could achieve. Float trolled dead baits and lures scored for us early but we scored more heavily during the middle of the day wobbling small deadbaits down deep almost bottom bouncing. Steve took an early lead and had 8 fish to my 1 but as the day went on i made a miraculous comeback and levelled the score at 22 Pike each and then overtook Steve for just a short time gaining a 4 fish advantage. It was cat and mouse! But in a final flurry Steve took 7 of the final 8 fish that came to the boat. Steve ended the day with 29 Pike and i landed 27; both of us just short of last weeks personal tally of 31. Steve and i have enjoyed many large hauls of Pike over the years as fishing partners but this is a new landmark; Our Best joint tally and one that will be hard to beat in the future. We fished like a machine today. Experienced boat partners know what each needs from the other at any given time without words even being spoken. Steve and i both regularly guide anglers aboard our boats and know the extra work that is often required. Today the anchor never went down once. There was an intensity about our approach. Fish were landed, un-hooked. photographed and released in seconds and all the time the boat kept moving with bait in the water, working, We constantly cross-fired ideas. re-assessed depths, bait, lures and areas to fish. 12 hours of focused Piking and the result 56 beauties!

Here are a selection of photos from today's fun.....................
Breathtaking start in the mist.

I managed one in the mist too.

First light action.

Temperature was -1 degrees celcius when we put the boat on. 1st of May???

Early lure caught fish for Steve.

Fish coming to the boat. Love that mist on the water.

Busy start!

Another early fish for Steve.

Relaxed, wrapped up waiting for the next run. :-)

This pike had lost a bit of tail at some time in it's life.

Mist is burning off and Steve is still landing Pike

Squinting in the sunlight. I can't tell you how nice it felt when that sun popped over the mountains.

Nicely marked Jack,

Nice long fish in the early morning sunshine.

Super Fish!

and another........................

Another Jack to a Bulldawg.

Sun is up. Time for the Hat!

and another...........

and another...............

These last 3 fish came in 3 casts!

Double hook up! Steve looking Happy. Pike-tastic!

Stunning Jack. I love the different markings on Pike.

A better one!

Jack to a wobbled roach!

The day has become tropical but still the pike keep coming.

Steve having a well earned sandwich. Chicken, Bacon and mushroom. mmmmmmmmm'

Bit of cloud helping a bit but still scorching.

still barely a ripple but the pike still feeding.

Another hard fighting fish.

Sunglasses on; Good practice for Spanish Safari pike fishing Steve!

Another hard fighting nicely marked fish.

and another...............

and another..................

Really pretty fish this one.................

Steve keeps em coming!

Nice looking chunky jack.

and Steve keeps catching.......Pike catching machine

Hard fighter with very few speckles.

Stunning fish.

A spotty not me!

and another.............

Mill pond piking....another beautiful fish for Steve!

absolute cracker!

and another ...................

and another..........

and yes another one........he's getting on my nerves now lol

oh and  one for me :-)

and a nice one for me 13lb'er

and another.....i am making a comeback!

and another super fish for Steve

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