Monday, 6 May 2013

Volunteer Bailiff Scheme.....

The angling Trust and the Environment Agency recently piloted a Volunteer Bailiff Scheme down south and it has been very succesful. So much so that it is set to go national. I hope many of you local anglers put your names forward when this scheme hits the Northwest. It is very much needed.
Our fisheries have come under increasing attack from poachers who are removing fish for the table illegally; some of them on a commercial scale using nets. A volunteer riverwatch scheme started on the River Mersey in recent months has been a tremendous success and the police and EA officials have caught a number of people guilty of removing fish and fishing out of season.
We need to be vigilant to protect our fisheries. If you see anything on your local waters call the number for the EA on the front of your licences. They will take action.

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