Friday, 29 August 2008

Fenland Adventures 2007/8

Over recent years i have fallen in love with the flatlands of the Fens. Through these plains run miles of mysterious waterways full of silver fish, Pike and Zeds and i plan to spend alot more time down there over the coming seasons. As well as the quality of the fishing the quality of the old English hospitality and friendliness of the Fenland people is part of the package. As you enter the Fens life appears to slow a little in this modern age of runaway madness. I have found the help i have received from fellow pikers down there refreshing. I fished the Marie-Curie cup last year and stayed down for a couple of days extra fishing. Local anglers were only too happy to put me onto good quality piking and their information was spot on and fish such as the 18lb'er above came to my net thanks to their help. i befriended one of the marshalls of the Marie-Curie event Andrew Allebone and have kept in touch since; a true english gentleman and a wealth of knowledge on Pike fishing.

I can't wait to return soon.............

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