Friday, 29 August 2008

The 'Womble's Year 2007/8

Stu maddocks aka 'The Womble' is a recent addition to the ranks of the chester preds and this last winter i spent alot of time with him on the banks. He is a great all-rounder; happy with a bag of dog biscuits stalking carp on stillwaters or roaming the River Severn with a bucket of Halibut pellets. He is of his own admission a 'novice' to piking but has already managed to apply those all-round angling skills to piking and has managed to land some fantastic fish that many veterans of Piking would be envious of.

I have published above some of the highlights of Womble's efforts in the past 12 months. Impressive i am sure you will agree.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog Mike !!!!!

A Great Winter a head of us I Think.

Esox Beware

Non omne quod ninet aurum est

"Not all that shines is Gold "

Strike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tight Lines !