Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fishing is Fun!

Sadly sometimes these days in 'Pike Fishing' i feel that some anglers obsession seems to diminish their enjoyment. Have they forgotten the enjoyment they once felt as children catching small Rudd and Crucians on local ponds in the summer holidays and dreaming of huge fish that always seem to evade their capture.

My good friend Jon-Paul Neafcy captured the Lake Windermere record this year with a super fish of 35lb + only to be attacked from people who's envy was clear but their reaction was very disappointing.

In recent years since setting up the Chester Predator Groups i am glad to say i have fished with a group of like-minded gentlemen who share the joy of any individual within the group who manages to capture a memorable esox and have shared lots of laughter on days when the fish were feeding and on those many days when we blanked.

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