Friday, 29 August 2008

PAC Region 31

As many of you will know i am a member of the PAC region 31 run by the enigmatic Jon neafcy. I have had the pleasure of fishing with Jon over a number of years and the guy is an absolute Pike 'Nutter'. He spoke to me a long time ago of his intentions to run a region and explained in detail his vision. Well, he has been true to his word; masterminding the re-birth of an old lancashire region which was dear to his heart and many others.

Jon has put so much work into getting this project off the ground; marketing the idea with help of Martin james from Lancashire radio and others including Piking dignatories like Eric Edwards and Gaz knowles. In such a short space of time I am astounded at the success and i will go on record as saying it is the best PAC region i have personally come across. Meetings have been attended by 40-50 people each and every meeting. The meetings have been lively and the selection of speakers have been excellent in the 1st year and this come year looks to be just the same.

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Caledonian pub, Bolton Road in Ashton in makerfield near Wigan, Lancashire. Easy to find off junction 24; just follow the road in to Ashton from the motorway and the pub can be found on the right.

The members are my type of pikers; a mixed bunch of down to earth anglers, no primadonnas. True lancashire lads with humour and camararderie.....

Starting off precedings in october Damien Woods will be doing a talk on Eels,Perch & Pike. November 'Mad' Mick Bowen will be talking about River Pike and December the legend of Steve Ormerod will impart his knowledge on Northern Reservoir Piking. January will welcome Geoff Parkinson to talk about Pike and Catfish. February; Paul Horton & martin Salisbury-Specialist and catfish. March - Nev fickling and April a night with James Holgate.

That is some winter of entertainment..................................

As well as these evenings the Region organises fun on the bank with regular fish-ins at venues across the region. Last year's events included Bala in North wales, a popular Yorkshire drain and many more.

The club also has a boat available for members.

I urge you to join this region. You won't regret it.
I would Like to take this opportuntiy to congratulate Jon on his Windermere Record Pike of over 35lbs which you all must have seen in the angling press. Jon has worked hard for this fish and deserved it.

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