Thursday, 28 August 2008

Womble's Winners

Last winter i had the great pleasure of fishing with Stu 'The Womble' Maddocks; a great angler and a finer gentleman youwould struggle to meet on the banks of British waters. Stu was responsible for inspiring me to invest the hours back on the Dee having had some super fish himself over recent years. He guided me on some of his favourite pegs and i owe him immense gratitude for helping me fulfill a lifetime ambition.

But Stu has had some great success of his own this season with some very nice fish from stillwaters and runnig water.

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Anonymous said...

A Big Thanks ! to Mike (Ashy), to Matt ( Slasher )Yarwood and Steve ( Gulper) Lewis for all their Patience and Guidance in helping me become a more succesful Piker.
Three Great Proffesional Anglers that it is my Privilege and Pleasure to be associated with !

I have learn,t such a great deal about The Pike ,the tactics ,its habitat, and how to plot its downfall in a relatively short space of time thanks to the coaching of these three Fine Experts. I now have a new tangent in my fishing calender.But above all I have really come appreciate what the Pike stands for in the water table. The Ultimate Predator but at the same time delicate and frail and to be handled with the utmost Care and Respected at all times. A real Fun Fish, that can Fight as hard if not harder as any of the Freshwater Species. A very accomodating Species yet at times a real head scratcher.
A REEL Challenge. Long may it Continue !

Tight Lines Gents !

Up the Blues ! CCFC