Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bass Fishing

Above are a number of Bass that Gulper and Dawn have caught both in Canada and Spain. Wide mouth Bass are a terrific little predator and pound for pound fight as good as any predator. Wide mouth Dawns are also to be respected! Also pictured above is a British diminuitive predator; The mighty Perch. Which leads me onto Chester Preds RO's Bass Style Challenge.

Gulper loves his predators even the smaller ones. You might have noticed on previous posts a selection of British Stripeys he has caught. The Perch is one of the most beautiful of British fish and on light tackle are good sport. For those of you who love the Perch Gulper is organising a trip to a Scottish Loch renowned for big Perch for a weekend in April. It will be fished Bass style in boats over 2 days. There will be a prize for the biggest Perch and Pike(also present in this loch to a decent size) and for the best weight over the 2 days. 5 fish each day to be weighed. Those of you that don't own a boat then please don't be put off. Places in other boats might be available and there is access to a boat on the loch. We will be travelling early saturday morning and staying in a Lochside motel saturday night. Those interested please contact me or Gulper. Further details will be posted closer to the event. A date will be chosen soon and I will of course contact the interested parties.

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