Saturday, 10 January 2009

Waiting for the weather to change

This week i have been job-hunting and also taking advantage of this period of enforced leisure time by putting a few hours in on the bank. I had a great day with Womble wandering the river and trying some new spots. Womble managed a couple of super little fish. The Pike fishing on the river has been slow for 2 weeks and these 2 fish were encouragement for future trips in this area. I had a very educational day on Bala aboard Wesley's boat. I learned more about this water in one day with the young pike ace Wesley than i have done on the bank in years on Bala. Four tentative dropped runs between us told us that the Pike are just not in the mood at the moment. We both agreed as soon as this weather breaks the Pike will really turn on.
I added a day on the Dee with Lancashire all-rounder and top Pike angler Paul Haughton. We both enjoyed some great sport on the waggler and stick float but the Pike failed to wake from their chilly slumber. But the day was full of laughter; starting from the early morning arrival on the river meeting up with Tony and Pete. I attempted to convert Tony to Pike fishing. I set him up with a rod and hoped he would feel the excitement of a thumping river pike but it wasn't to be. But there will be other days and i am determined to get this true gentleman a big green speckly beast. Paul got an insight to the potential of the river. He loves rivers the same way womble and i do and i know he will return to catch some big fish. He also has the same esoteric sense of humour as myself and i have enjoyed fishing with him the last 2 trips.
Back to job-hunting this week but hoping to get out during the week with Wes and Womble and the warmer weather is promised and Pike action could be frenetic. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Hi To all you Chester Predators.I am the mysterious Tony mentioned on Mikes blog.I started off the season with coarse anglers whose typical comments were "****** pike anglers",but having met and talked with many "Pikers" all of similair ilk to Mike (great guy and good ambassador for the sport) I must say that my personal view is very positive.
I only have one reservation which is one of your members keeping a peg on the Farndon stretch for someone else (You and I know who you are).Whilst this may seem trivial, as Mike will testify it is no joke turning up at the ungodly hour of 4 or 5 am only to witness the above.
I was hoping that Mikes offer to try pike fishing would result in my catching the only pike of the day,this proved not to be but there are other days to come.
All that remains for me to say is good luck to you all and may we co-exist on the river in peace and harmony.

Mike Ashcroft said...

Always a pleasure to share the bank with you Tony and i even don't mind sharing my sausage sandwiches....chuckle. I look forward to seeing you fighting a big river pike soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Tony,

Farndon is all yours m8.

I have fished there since I was Ten years old. In them days my mate lived in the village and I would stay the night so we could get a good dace glide.
If I am perfectly honest it has become a bit of a Circus down there of late.
Certainly Nowhere as enjoyable as those Shakespeare President and Abu 501 Stick Float days of the
I hate competition at the best of times,and ditched golf for that reason, but yes I got up early once, for those were the stakes, and I did what any friend would do just to give a mate the pleasure of a good days fishing on My Beloved Dee. I am glad to say this was achieved.

I Actually arrived 35 Min's before the next 3 anglers turned up.
I could have fished the peg Myself but decided My mate should have the chance of a good day out.
He had a 160 miles round trip , it was the least I could do.

So there you go I dragged myself down to other peoples levels and have been branded.
Fortunately I have Big Shoulders, and can sleep at night. I gave a friend a good day out and have nothing to be ashamed of.

As much I Enjoy catching Pike, and all other British Coarse Species for that matter, nothing is that important. I am old enough to realise that you are a long time dead , your health is your wealth, and you should live life to the Max and enjoy it

I get the impression this a wind up , but I am not going to loose sleep over it. Getting up once for a good peg is not a crime. As I say its all yours I shall go and enjoy Myself on Empty Banks Elsewhere

Enjoy the Circus !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart. Sorry to seem to have upset you with my earlier comments.Having read your reply I feel slightly guilty.
You are probably not aware of the goings on at the circus. Unfortunately not everyone shares your sense of fairness, and this can cause ill feeling not only at the circus but also at other venues. Please accept my apologies and long continue to fish your beloved River Dee. As we say in Wrexham ces't la vie!. I may meet you sometime in the future and look forward to the pleasure.
No hard feelings regards Tony.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart In my previous posting I forgot to mention that having gone through 2 major back operations and recently a heart operation, I am somewhat limited to my choice of venue. As you said your health IS your wealth and long may you continue to enjoy both. As regards fishing elsewhere, unfortunately there are very few places locally where the river is as easy as Farndon to access. I can assure you that come the better weather I will alo fish somewhere were there is no circus and I can enjoy a lie in.Regards Tony

Anonymous said...

No Hard Feelings Tony ! Thanks for your reply. We Anglers have to STICK together in these days of the Anti and the Politically correct.

Maybe I over reacted, You get 10/10for hitting the right button.

Enjoy your Angling Bud !

For ours is the Sport of Kings !!!!!

Tight Lines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!