Saturday, 3 January 2009

Dawn keeps showing the guys how to catch Pike!

Chester Preds 'Glamour Girl' Dawn Lewis Aka Mrs Gulper managed 4 christmas doubles in an hour on the River Bure whilst Steve and Coventry Pike Ace Baz Stokes were busy catching baits. After she won our summer carp competition; 'The Nige Williams Livebait Cup' i did strongly advise the Chester Preds Club regional organiser Steve that he should not encourage Dawn's interest in fishing. Even though she is great company and obviously enjoys being one of the lads or we enjoy being one of the girls in her company. This is becoming highly embarrasing. The salmon fishing fraternity has never truly recovered from Mrs Ballantyne's famous Salmon record fish which still stands to this day and i don't think Matt, Womble and myself have yet to get over her summer carp victory. She never demonstratively gloated; not a feminist taunt passed her lips or even a chuckle of ridicule. It was far more subtle than that. She just smiled humbly and annoying is that?

Pictured above is Dawn with one of her super Bure doubles and a foto steve captured when the weather deteriorated and Dawn retreated sensibly to the centrally heated cuddy on Steve's boat The Fury. What a big Girlie! Steve would have thrown me overboard if i had tried that. She looks very contented on both pictures! GRRRRRRRRR!

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