Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Series of blanks ends with a jack

Since New year's Day like many in the country i have been finding Piking hard going with several blanks to my name. I still enjoy my time on the bank even when i blank but eventually i crave a run. Today i went canal fishing just for an afternoon with Gulper. As i waited for his arrival due to him being delayed because of work my pencil dead with a juicy Lamprey below bobbed delicately and slid away and after the half-hearted takes Wes and i experienced last week on Bala it did cross my mind whether i would get a hook up. But the rod bent over and i initially thought i had got myself a nice small double but it was just a tough ugly little jack of 7lb. It wasn't the biggest Pike i have ever caught but it was very welcome. I have to thank Gulper yet again for his knowledge of this water; On a short session just a couple of days ago he'd found the roach that the Pike follow and feed upon. The fish had extensive scars on it's rear which it had obviously received in it's youth from a larger Esox and survived. It went chilly this afternoon with a naughty wind that was biting as it went dark but the weather has warmed up slightly and hopefully this will herald a period of Pike feeding voraciously. Fingers crossed!

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