Thursday, 6 February 2014

Blog Update

I apologise for not updating the blog since november but i just havn't seemed to have had any spare time what with work and family commitments.
As you all know the rivers have been out of action since early December and to be honest they weren't much good for a month or so before then. I am sure all you anglers who love flowing water the same way i do are utterly frustrated. I managed a few trips on the river in December with a little bit of success and i have ventured out on a few stillwaters with a little success. Although the river have been totally out of action locally i have ventured to a speight river everyone knows and have had a couple of fish and my fishing partners have both scored with 20's. So it's not all bad news.
Region 88 booked a boat on Blithfield this season and i took up 3 dates. The water has had well publicised problems last summer with a lot of pike deaths. It's a sad time for this once great water and i personally believe it will be a long time before it recovers and get's back to it's former glory days.Pictured below is photo from a difficult October trip to Blithfield where the pike where distinctly absent but the trout kept me entertained hitting my lures all day.

Trolling around with no pike in sight. Plenty of trout though.

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