Thursday, 6 February 2014


My good friend Paul Gratton moved 18 months ago to The Orkney Isles and has made a new life for himself and his lovely family Jackie and kathryn. They are very happy there and have quickly settled into Island life. Having seen the photos of the Orkneys Paul has shared with me i can clearly see the attraction.
There is only one thing wrong with the Orkneys as far as Paul is concerned; There's NO Pike.

Red sky in the morning...........................
 He is a fanatic Pike angler and does miss it. So his piking has been reduced to his odd visit home during the year back home to see family. On this occasion it was early December, so we took advantage and got out for 3 days. The weather wasn't in our favour but it was still fishable and i think we enjoyed the last ofthe decent dryish weather for december and into 2014. We have the knickname of the 'Tornado Twins' when we fish together becaue we seem to have this knack of picking the worse days of the year to fish; and our first day on the bank was no exception.

Wind was blowing against the flow of the river

Huge waves caused by the winds

Above are photos from a bank day where the winds forced the tide higher than recorded in decades.

Happy paul back amongst the fish

Another one of those blue pike ive been catching
 We did manage to get afloat the first week before the high tides came and managed a few fish. Santa was at it again.............
The final outing of Paul's trip we decided sensibly on still water and went to a private lake i know and although we only caught jacks we had a super day catching up in a beautiful location.
Santa in again


Very Still water

a fish is a fish

Sunset in heaven

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