Thursday, 6 February 2014

Secret Stillwater

There's waters we all have wanted to fish that are either private or syndicated and thankfully one of these waters my friend Neil 'Noddy' Whitehead happens to be a syndicate member and is allowed to take guests.
So after dismissing the flooded rivers we chose his water for a days fishing.
We chose a superb day; one of the very few this year so far and we managed a few fish. I have to say the fish in this water fight like demons.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and as always enjoyed Noddy's infectious humour. here are the photos of the days fun..........
It's on the bank i feel truly alive


Beautiful markings on this double

Golden Pike

Another pretty jack

a wee fella but 1st of the day gratefully excepted
Hardest fighting Jack i've ever caught

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