Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pike, Pizza and Pals....

Trying to fit fishing in these days with work and family commitments is not easy and finding time to fish with friends who work Monday to Friday whilst i work almost every weekend is even more difficult.
Region31 RO and now the Northwest liason Officer Jon Neafcy and i are old friends but since i have been driving a cab i sadly haven't fished with the Wigan Piker for a long time.
Jon invited me to join him at the end of October at a lake he has a timeshare on. Joining us was Tim Anderson from the Fens; a good mate of Jon's and a damn fine fella.
We managed a few pike between us but it was more of a social and a catch up. The accommodation was excellent and on site there was a great restaurant and bar. 2nd night it was an all you can eat pizza and pasta night which we thoroughly enjoyed in the restaurant and a few beers were sunk and stories were told.
Thanks Jon for a great time and Tim it was great to meet you and hope to fish with again soon.
The lake appears to be sloping

A Jack into dark

Another nice little esox

My baitboat flying the flag

My special choppy mix baitboated out with my rig

The old Ghettoblaster drop offs still going strong

Nice view

Another fish into dark

Same fish; iphones take good daylight photos but not great after dark

Jon waiting for a run making a business call

accommodation 1st class

Sunset view from the lodge

A double on the last day. Fought like crazy!

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